Saturday, August 11, 2007

Summer in the City

Yes, it's that time, Summer is here, the weather is fabulous (at least 75% of the time), people are out exploring San Francisco, old and new friends are visiting on vacation and I'm still single!

Am I sad about that fact? No! Absolutely not. There are benefits to being single in SF or anywhere else for that matter. You have time to work long hours on that "special project", time to spend with your wild friends and not subject your significant other to the craziness, time to reflect on your life and future plans and time to enjoy your new kittens!

What? Kittens? Yes, that's what I said, kittens. I've gone out and adopted not one, but two adorable little kittens. Someone needs to explain to me how it is that you go to the SPCA with the intention of adopting a small dog and you come home with two kittens! Does it have anything to do with a need to find someone attractive to love? Is it because I and others act on impulse instead of taking the time to get to know someone and make snap judgements based on looks? Why am I relating my kittens adoption to my dating life? Jeez, I have no idea, but somewhere in the back of my mind I know it's relative.